The Bixby Center for Population, Health and Sustainability funds graduate student summer internships and dissertation research in the areas of family planning and population for graduate students at UC Berkeley. The principal focus of the program is on family planning issues in developing countries where population growth rates remain high and reproductive health services are poor or inaccessible. (Internships that focus only on HIV/AIDS do not meet the criteria.)

, 2012

Courtney completed a qualitative research investigation into women’s perceptions, enabling factors, and barriers to access and use of non-permanent family planning methods, in collaboration with World Health Partners (WHP), an Indian non-governmental organization that provides health services to rural communities in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, India.

, 2012
Young boy showing off his piglet that his family raises for income.  The business was started using seed funding from the Village Development Bank.

As the Malcolm Potts Intern, Dionne spent 10 weeks at the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) in Thailand. She helped develop a project proposal for new hospital based integrated rural development (Hospital BIRD) program that utilized the hospital as a community hub for income generation, education, and poverty alleviation.

, 2012
Meeting with CBRHAs and local health post staff to collect data, review key project procedures and learn from CBRHA experiences

Laura and Kristina spent 10 weeks in Tigray, Ethiopia working to support a project that makes it easier for women in rural Ethiopia to obtain contraception. The project trains Community Based Reproductive Health Agents (CBRHAs), lay women from rural villages, to provide injectable contraceptives to women in their community.

, 2012
Typical street scene in Luanda Province, Angola.

Divya and Aidan spent the summer investigating how Angolan women make decisions about pregnancy, childbearing, and family planning. With help from PSI Angola, Divya and Aidan conducted in-depth interviews with 28 women of reproductive age in health centers and local church groups in Luanda Province.

, 2011
During an interview with a midwife, a laboring mother was rushed into the room and delivered this perfect baby girl.

Carinne and Julie spent six weeks examining the factors that facilitate and impede the use of reproductive health vouchers by women who were eligible for the voucher program in three operational districts in Cambodia.


Amanda carried out key informant interviews in Ethiopia and Uganda to identify current family planning priorities, reproductive health policies, and feasibility of community-based distribution of contraceptives.

, 2011
A talk with the leadership from many different rural communities to understand their economic and healthcare concerns.

Elise spent this summer with the organization Population and Community Development Association, which has been working to improve the health and economic status of Thailand’s rural populations since the late 1970s.

, 2011
Pregnant women sitting with a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) at a health facility

Joanna worked with Venture Strategies Innovations (VSI) and Ghana Health Service (GSH) to conduct monitoring and evaluation of a Misoprostol pilot project in Ghana. The project aimed to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity due to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) by providing women with Misoprostol—a life-saving drug that has been shown to effectively prevent PPH.

, 2011
A rural family in Chake Chake, Pemba.

As a Bixby Summer Intern, Rose worked with the Ministry of Health in Zanzibar to assess the feasibility of measuring maternal mortality and assigning cause of death using a community-based strategy. This strategy is currently in use in Ethiopia, and the hope is to adapt the methodology to the Zanzibar context.

, 2010
Traditional Birth Attendants learn about misoprostol.

Daniela spent the summer in Mozambique, working with the Bixby Center and Venture Strategies Innovations on a project is to save mother’s lives by preventing postpartum hemorrhage at home births with misoprostol tablets for women unable to reach a facility to deliver.

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