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Malcolm Potts, Daniel T. Halperin, Douglas Kirby, Ann Swidler, Elliot Marseille, Jeffrey D. Klausner, Norman Hearst, Richard G. Wamai, James G. Kahn, Julia Walsh
, 2008

This article is a response to letters sent in to Science regarding the article “Reassessing HIV Prevention” by Potts M, Halperin DT, Kirby D, Swidler A, Marseille E, Klausner JD, Hearst N, Wamai RG, Kahn JG, Walsh J. 2008 May 9;320(5877):749-50. 2008;

This revised and updated Atlas provides a comprehensive guide to modern contraceptive practice.


Evolutionary psychology posits that certain behaviours are universal because they helped the genes of a particular species to survive across the generations. In the case of human beings, such behavioral predispositions evolved to adapt us to the Stone Age rather the modern world. Patriarchy, we suggest, has deep roots in human evolution.

Malcolm Potts, Maura Graff, Judy Taing
, 2007

Abortion induced by physical trauma has a long history. This article describes bas-relief sculptures in Angkor Wat, Cambodia dating from the 9th to the 12th centuries, and compares them to contemporary observations of massage abortion.

We report on the first safety study on diluted lime juice to assess its potential as a candidate microbicide.

David Griffith, Benjamin Bellows, Malcolm Potts
, 2007

This Article argues that it is now high time to make MC available to the poor in countries with high HIV prevalence.

This paper focuses on Iranians’ unique experience with implementation of a national family planning program.

Mary Mavanza, Amy A. Grossman
, 2007

This paper reviews the experience and findings from the Jane Goodall Institute’s (JGI) TACARE program in the Kigoma region of Tanzania.

The tripling of the world’s population growth since 1960 has received little public attention the past decade. Six reasons for the silence around this subject constitute a ‘‘perfect storm’’.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the evidence on the need for family planning.

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