Laura Stachel MD, MPH

Laura Stachel is a former Bixby Associate Fellow.  She is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist with twenty years of clinical experience.  She obtained her MD from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and left private practice to pursue public health in 2003.

Laura received her MPH in Maternal and Child Health from UC Berkeley in 2006.  She has done extensive work in Northern Nigeria delineating challenges faced by Nigerian health workers. Laura was the co-principal investigator of a Population Council ethnographic study aimed at improving the standard of maternity care in Northern Nigerian state hospitals. Laura has conducted several community-based projects in developing countries including (1) a nutritional assessment of pregnant and postpartum mothers in the Western Guatemalan highlands, and (2) an assessment of the effects of fluoride on the incidence of dental caries in El Salvadorean children.

Laura is the founder of WE CARE Solar a non-profit dedicated to saving the lives of women and infants by enhancing emergency obstetric care through the use of solar powered lighting, communication and emergency equipment.  This work led to her award as a CNN Hero in 2013 for extraordinary humanitarian aid. She also served on the Editorial Board for the Berkeley Wellness Letter and was a lecturer at the UCB School of Public Health.