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Prata N, Sreenivas A, Greig F, Walsh J, Potts M
, 2010

This paper guides policy-makers in prioritizing safe motherhood interventions

N, Prata, A. Sreenivas, F. Greig, J. Walsh, M. Potts
, 2009

Objective: Guide policy-makers in prioritizing safe motherhood interventions. Methods: Three models (LOW, MED, HIGH) were constructed based on 34 sub-Saharan African countries to assess the relative cost-effectiveness of available safe motherhood interventions. Cost and effectiveness data were compiled and inserted into the WHO Mother Baby Package Costing Spreadsheet. For each model we assessed the percentage in mater- nal mortality reduction after…

Ndola Prata, Amita Sreenivas, Farnaz Vahidnia, Malcolm Potts
, 2009

Literature review to identify interventions that require minimal treatment/infrastructure and are not dependent on skilled providers.

Ndola Prata, Fiona Greig, Julia Walsh, Anna West
, 2004

This article reviews the economic feasibility of the WHO’s mother-baby package as a means of reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in Tanzania