Bixby Forum: The World in 2050 Presentations

For two days in January 2009 Berkeley’s Bixby Center for Population, Health and Sustainability hosted, in collaboration with the Bixby centers at UCLA and UCSF, an international forum titled The World in 2050: A Scientific Investigation of the Impact of Global Population Changes on a Divided Planet. The full proceedings of the Forum are webcast by the Population Reference Bureau at Fred H. Bixby Forum: The World in 2050

In addition to the webcast we are making the powerpoints used by the presenters accessible. Some are self explanatory, although others will require the webcast to be fully understood.

Human Population Growth
John Bongaarts

The Theoretical and Political Framing of the Population Factor in Development
Martha Campbell

Comment Population and Poverty Human Capital
David Canning

Session 7 Considering Population and War
Richard Cincotta

Joel Cohen

Population Decline
Nicholas Eberstadt

Stalled Fertility Decline in Eastern Africa: Evidence and Implications
Alex C. Ezeh

Comprehensively Addressing Population Issues for the Sustainable Development of the Society and Economy
Hao Linna

Global Warming and The World in 2050
John Harte

Population and Climate Change
Hillary Godwin

Sola schola et sanitate: Human Capital as the Root Cause and Priority for International Development?
Wolfgang Lutz

Traversing the Mountaintop: World Fossil Fuel Production to 2050
Richard Nehring

Session 4 Population and Climate Change

Making Family Planning Accessible in Resource-Poor Settings
Ndola Prata

Population, poverty and economic development
Steven W. Sinding

Food Water & Population
J. Joseph Speidel

Considering Population and War: A Critical and Neglected Aspect of Conflict Studies
Bradley A. Thayer

Declining Populations
Hania Zlotnik