A new mother with her infant and the traditional birth attendant that assisted in her delivery,Lalmonirhat district, Bangladesh. The Bixby Center is working with Venture Strategies and local partners in Bangladesh to reach women who will deliver at home by providing a clean delivery kit that includes misoprostol for the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage. The Bixby Center is dedicated to researching low-cost, highly effective interventions like misoprostol that can reduce maternal mortality in resource-poor settings. Photo by Martine Holston

Can we reduce maternal mortality with community-based interventions?

Every 90 seconds one woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth, with rural women living in resource-poor countries particularly vulnerable. Poor, rural women are the least likely to have access to family planning and the most likely to deliver without a skilled birth attendant. What is the best approach to reaching these vulnerable women? Community-based interventions.

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Stories from the Field

Cassandra Blazer

Cassandra Blazer

MPH | Cabo Delgado, Mozambique | May – August 2014 “If she wants to keep a secret, I tell her go, talk to your husband and come back.” I work on a program in rural Mozambique to train and equip community health workers to provide a method of contraceptive – Depo, or “the shot” – so women do not have…

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