Family Planning

Family Planning

Our research supports the notion that every pregnancy should be wanted and that access to family planning saves infant and maternal lives. We have a long history of task shifting and removing non-evidence-based barriers to family planning, as well as integrating family planning in all areas of service delivery.

Current Projects

Telemedicine to increase access to medication abortion in Rwanda

Rwanda expanded legal grounds for abortion in 2012, but limits provision to doctors in hospitals, resulting in unequal access. This research project maxmizes existing technologies and infrastructure to bring first trimester medication abortion closer to more vulnerable populations within a restricted legal context. Since October 2021, we have been implementing a SAFE (safety, acceptability, feasibility and effectiveness) study to assess a telemedicine model to enable primary care nurses to provide first trimester medication abortion by teleconsulting with district hospital doctors. The doctors provided clinical guidance and authorize medication abortion remotely, while the nurses consult with client, provide medication, and conduct follow-up. 

Recent Publications

Ndola Prata; Jaime W. Peterson; Jannine Bruce; Kim G. Harley; Lynne C. Huffman; Lisa J. Chamberlain
Journal Article, 2020

Past Projects