A Clinic-Based School Readiness Coaching Intervention for Low-Income Latino Children: An Intervention Study


This intervention study assessed school readiness (SR)-related parent behaviors and perceived barriers for Latino parent-child pairs (N = 149, Mage = 4.5) after a clinic-based SR intervention (n = 74) or standard well-child care (n = 75). Intervention was a 1-hour visit with a community health worker (CHW) to assess child SR, model SR interactions, and provide SR tools and resources. Primary outcomes were parent behaviors and barriers collected by phone questionnaire. Regression analyses revealed that parents in the intervention were more likely to tell their child a story and visit the library in the last week and less likely to report barriers of limited SR knowledge. A brief, SR coaching intervention with a CHW increased SR-related parent behaviors and reduced barriers to SR. Evaluation with school entry data is underway.

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Ndola Prata
Jaime W. Peterson
Jannine Bruce
Kim G. Harley
Lynne C. Huffman
Lisa J. Chamberlain
Publication date: 
July 22, 2020
Publication type: 
Journal Article