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Op-Ed Climate Change & Women’s Health

Daisy Valdivieso

Climate Change & Women’s Health

Climate Change is an immense issue which leaves neither humans nor habitats unaffected by its breadth. That said, it will affect vulnerable groups disproportionately. The New York Times article “Study Warns of Cascading Health Risks from the Changing Climate” pays attention to vulnerable populations, like the elderly and those who work in labor industries exposed to the heat. But where is there discussion of women’s reproductive health?

Women’s empowerment and family planning have been gaining momentum in relation to climate change...

Women and Girls at the Center of Planetary Health Solutions

Ndola Prata

Ndola Prata, MD, MSC, presented at the Stanford WHSDM Women’s Global Health Forum. Dr. Prata is a Professor in Residence, Maternal Child and Adolescent Health at the University of Californina, Berkeley; Fred H. Bixby Endowed Chair in Population and Family Planning, Director, Bixby Center for Population, Health and Sustainability, Co-Director, Innovations for Youth (I4Y) School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley Co-Director, Center of Expertise on Women’s Health, Gender and Empowerment University of California, Global Health Institute (UCGHI)


A Clinic-Based School Readiness Coaching Intervention for Low-Income Latino Children: An Intervention Study

Ndola Prata
Jaime W. Peterson
Jannine Bruce
Kim G. Harley
Lynne C. Huffman
Lisa J. Chamberlain

This intervention study assessed school readiness (SR)-related parent behaviors and perceived barriers for Latino parent-child pairs (N = 149, Mage = 4.5) after a clinic-based SR intervention (n = 74) or standard well-child care (n = 75). Intervention was a 1-hour visit with a community health worker (CHW) to assess child SR, model SR interactions, and provide SR tools and resources. Primary outcomes were parent behaviors and barriers collected by phone questionnaire. Regression analyses revealed that parents in the intervention were more likely to tell...