Planetary Health

Planetary Health

We aim to develop a more rigorous understanding of the relationship between population growth, poverty, women’s autonomy, and health. We recognize that girls and women are at the center of planetary health and investing in family planning is critical as the field shifts focus from public to planetary health.

Current Projects & Research

One Health Institute

The One Health Institute is a USAID Funded project based at UC Davis. Dr. Prata leads the gender component - a cross cutting activity of the 3 main objectives: 1. Empowerment and training; 2. Knowledge management and tracking; and 3. Sustainability. The overall mission of One Health is to empower AFROHUN and SEAOHUN to become global leaders in transforming the capacity of workforces to more effectively engage across sectors to prepare current and future health workers to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging disease threats of epidemic and pandemic importance.

Recent Publications

Yusuf Jameel; Carissa M. Patrone; Kristen P. Patterson; Paul C. West
Report, 2022
Ndola Prata; Jaime W. Peterson; Jannine Bruce; Kim G. Harley; Lynne C. Huffman; Lisa J. Chamberlain
Journal Article, 2020

Past Projects and Research