Vision and Values

Our Vision

The Bixby Center has a clear vision: a world where each country has a successful and sustainable family planning program, in which each person is able to make the right contraceptive choice at the right time consistent with their needs at that moment. 

Our Priorities

  • Conduct innovative, timely, and conclusive research;
  • Synthesize and share our results to advance policy and programmatic decisions;
  • Provide technical assistance to governments, NGOs, and donors to strengthen and optimize infrastructure capacity and human resources in family planning and safe abortion programs; and
  • Contribute to training and mentoring of current and next generation of public health professionals.

Our Values

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We recognize that our current social, economic, and political systems are unjust and are committed to challenging these structures of inequality in our work.  

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We are committed to utilizing new technologies to optimize the existing healthcare workforce and infrastructure to address gaps in reproductive healthcare.

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We believe interdisciplinary teams and community partnerships are foundational to our success; we build trust through responsible actions and shared power among all collaborators. 

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We are committed to conducting research that allows others to have confidence and trust in our methods and findings.

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Community Investment 

We are committed to investing in the next generation of reproductive health leaders, researchers and change-makers through capacity building and training on campus and in the diverse communities where we work.