Climate–Poverty Connections: Opportunities for synergistic solutions at the intersection of planetary and human well-being


Drawdown Lift’s Climate–Poverty Connections: Opportunities for synergistic solutions at the intersection of planetary and human well-being provides concrete evidence of how climate solutions can also be win-win opportunities for meeting development and human well-being needs while boosting prosperity for rural communities in sub-Saharan Africaand South Asia.

This landmark report produced by the Drawdown Lift program of Project Drawdown shows that leaders at all levels of society do not have to choose among human development, climate mitigation, and climate adaptation; win-win solutions are at hand.  The Drawdown Lift Human Well-Being Index, introduced in this report, serves as a framework for assessing 12 health, socioeconomic, and societal dimensions of humanwell-being and highlighting evidence of the nexus between climate mitigation solutions and human well-being in a scientifically consistent manner.

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Yusuf Jameel
Carissa M. Patrone
Kristen P. Patterson
Paul C. West
Publication date: 
March 31, 2022
Publication type: 
"Investing in women and girls is essential in the fight against climate change. By analyzing the co-benefits of climate solutions and their potential to improve lives, this report further emphasizes the urgent need to focus on the most vulnerable--women and children in LMICs, while also underscoring that many of the climate mitigation solutions depend on women's contributions to planetary health." Ndola Prata, University of California, Berkeley, Drowdown Lift Advisory Council Member