Conservation and family planning in Tanzania: the TACARE experience


Abstract: Community-based distribution (CBD) programs present an alternative way of effectively reaching people in rural areas of developing countries where conventional methods of delivery do not exist or fail. This paper reviews the experience and findings from the Jane Goodall Institute’s (JGI) TACARE program in the Kigoma region of Tanzania. It focuses on the family planning CBD program and its integration within the TACARE program to meet the broader mission of JGI’s conservation efforts. Both qualitative and survey data suggest that the CBD program meets the needs for contraception in participating rural communities and is a complementary and acceptable strategy to ultimately contribute to reduce population pressure on the villages around Gombe National Park.

Keywords: Family planning – Community-based distribution (CBD) – Population – Environment

Published in Population and Environment, May 2007, 28(4-5): 267-273

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Amy A. Grossman
Mary Mavanza
Publication date: 
May 5, 2007
Publication type: 
Case Study