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A Woman Cannot Die from a Pregnancy She Does Not Have Malcolm Potts; Nadia Diamond-Smith 2011 Journal Article
Ability to pay for maternal health services: what will it take to meet WHO standards? Ndola Prata; Fiona Greig; Julia Walsh; Anna West 2004 Journal Article
Abortion history and its association with current use of modern contraceptive methods in Luanda, Angola Ndola Prata; Natalie Morris 2018 Journal Article
Abortion perspectives Malcolm Potts 2010 Editorial
Adolescent Childbearing in Nicaragua: A Quantitative Assessment of Associated Factors Katherine C. Lion; Ndola Prata; Chris Stewar 2009 Journal Article
Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Ndola Prata; Karen Weidert 2020 Journal Article
An Integrated Approach to Livelihoods and Family Planning Ndola Prata; C. Chessin-Yudin 2016 Report
Another lesson unlearned: access to family planning in Niger Gidi V 2010 Correspondence
Are the population policies of India and China responsible for the fertility decline? Nadia Diamond-Smith; Malcolm Potts 2010 Journal Article
Assessing political priority for reproductive health in Ethiopia Ndola Prata; Anna Summer 2016 Journal Article