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Titlesort descending Author Year Publication type
The most pressing issue Malcolm Potts 2000 Journal Article
The myth of a male pill Malcolm Potts 1996 Journal Article
The Pill and the blackboard Malcolm Potts 2006 Commentary
The pill is mightier than the sword Martha Campbell; Malcolm Potts 2006 Newspaper
THE POPULATION FACTOR: How does it relate to climate change? Malcolm Potts; Leah Marsh 2010 Journal Article
The population policy pendulum. Needs to settle near the middle–and acknowledge the importance of numbers Malcolm Potts 2005 Journal Article
The remarkable story of Romanian women’s struggle to manage their fertility Mihai Horga; Caitlin Gerdts; Malcolm Potts 2013 Journal Article
The Role of Misoprostol in Scaling Up Postabortion Care N. Sahin-Hodoglugil; VSI 2009 Letter to the Editor
The role of private providers in maternal health Priya Agrawal; Oona M R Campbell; Ndola Prata 2014 Journal Article
The safety of misoprostol Anke Hemmerling 2006 Journal Article