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Titlesort descending Author Year Publication type
The Sahel: A Malthusian Challenge? Malcolm Potts; Courtney Henderson; Martha Campbell 2013 Journal Article
The theoretical and political framing of the population factor in development Martha Campbell; Kathleen Bedford 2009 Journal Article
The worldwide burden of postpartum haemorrhage: Policy development where inaction is lethal Malcolm Potts; Anke Hemmerling 2006 Journal Article
Thinking About Vaginal Microbicide Testing Malcolm Potts 2000 Commentary
Thousand Year Old Depictions of Massage Abortion Malcolm Potts; Maura Graff; Judy Taing 2007 Commentary
Three meetings and fewer funerals–misoprostol in postpartum haemorrhage Malcolm Potts; Martha Campbell 2004 Commentary
Training traditional birth attendants on the use of misoprostol and a blood measurement tool to prevent postpartum haemorrhage: lessons learnt from Bangladesh Ndola Prata; Suzanne Bell; Paige Passano; Daniel Bohl; Arshadul Islam 2015 Journal Article
Training traditional birth attendants to use misoprostol and an absorbent delivery mat in home births Ndola Prata; Abdul Quaiyum; Paige Passano; Suzanne Bell; Daniel D Bohl; Shahed Hossain; Ashrafi Jahan Azm; Mohsina Begum 2012 Journal Article
Tsunami and the silent tide: the invisible challenge of women’s health Martha Campbell 2005 Commentary
Two pills, two paths: a tale of gender bias Malcolm Potts 2003 Journal Article