Dominican Republic

Misoprostol and declining abortion-related morbidity in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: a temporal association

Suellen Miller
Tara Lehman
Martha Campbell
Anke Hemmerling
Sonia Brito Anderson
Hector Rodriguez
Wilme Vargas Gonzalez
Cordero,g Victor Calderon

OBJECTIVE: To validate anecdotal reports that abortion-related complications decreased in the Dominican Republic after the introduction of misoprostol into the country.

DESIGN: Retrospective records reviews and cross-sectional surveys, interviews and focus groups.

SETTING: Family planning clinics, pharmacies, door-to-door canvassing and a tertiary care maternity hospital in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

POPULATION: Women of reproductive age in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

METHODS: Qualitative and quantitative methods were used. Individual interviews...