Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage at the Community Level: A Compendium of Operations Research

Ndola Prata
Martine M. Holston

VSI in collaboration with local and international partner organizations conducted operations research (OR) across seven countries in Africa and Asia to determine the feasibility, acceptability, and program effectiveness of misoprostol use to prevent postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) at the community level. Developed for policy makers, stakeholders and researchers, the compendium includes an overview of the basic components of the OR model, country program summaries, and cross-cutting results and best practices to contribute to the growing evidence base on the community-level use of...

Community-based Prevention of PPH with Misoprostol in Mozambique

UC Berkeley Bixby Center

This brief summarizes the final results a collaborative community-based pilot project of VSI, AMOG, the Bixby Center at UC Berkeley, and PSI. Results show that antenatal care visits and additional community-based strategies, such as TBAs, are key opportunities to reach women with misoprostol and educate them on its use for prevention of PPH.

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Expanding Access to Postabortion Care Services in Mozambique

UC Berkeley Bixby Center

VSI, AMOG and the Bixby Center at UC Berkeley conducted operations research addressing unsafe abortion with misoprostol in Mozambique. This research brief demonstrates that misoprostol is a promising alternative to surgical methods of treating incomplete abortion, and that expanding the level of health facility and provider trained on misoprostol can increase women’s access to these essential services.

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