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Titlesort descending Author Year Publication type
Atlas of Contraception Malcolm Potts; Pramilla Senanayake 2008 Book
AVAILABILITY CASE STUDY: Misoprostol in Tanzania VSI 2012 Case Study
Avoidable maternal deaths: Three ways to help now Ndola Prata; M Graff M; Alisha Graves; Malcolm Potts 2009 Journal Article
Barriers to Fertility Regulation: A Review of the Literature Martha Campbell; Nuriye Nalan Sahin-Hodoglugil; Malcolm Potts 2006 Journal Article
Big issues deserve bold responses: Population and climate change in the Sahel Malcolm Potts; Alisha Graves 2013 Journal Article
Case study: fertility decline in Iran Farnaz Vahidnia 2007 Case Study
Characteristics of Women Seeking Abortion-related Services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia VSI 2009 Report
China’s one child policy Malcolm Potts 2006 Journal Article
Climate–Poverty Connections: Opportunities for synergistic solutions at the intersection of planetary and human well-being Yusuf Jameel; Carissa M. Patrone; Kristen P. Patterson; Paul C. West 2022 Report
Community-Based Availability of Misoprostol: Is it safe? Ndola Prata; Godfrey Mbaruku; Amy A. Grossman; Martine Holston; Kristina Hsieh 2009 Journal Article