Population Growth

Urgent action needed to curb runaway population growth in Pakistan

Zafar Mirza
Health minister calls for working towards sustainable, balanced growth

ISLAMABAD: The last census showed that in 20 years, Pakistan’s population had grown by 57 per cent at a rate of 2.4 per cent per year. If the situation continues unabated, the country’s population may well double by 2050.

This was warned by Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health Dr Zafar Mirza while addressing some 70 legislators from the upper and lower houses of parliament during a national dialogue on Pakistan’s population challenge. The dialogue had been co-hosted by the Population...

Global Population Growth: Is it Sustainable?

Malcolm Potts

Speech to a meeting of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee of the British Parliament reprinted in Science in Parliament: The Journal of the Parliamentary And Scientific Committee

Published in Science in Parliament, Spring 2008, Vol 65, (1) 1-19

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A review of “Sex Before the Sexual Revolution: Intimate Life in England 1918–1963”

Malcolm Potts

By Simon Szreter and Kate Fisher

Brief Excerpt:

As a young obstetrician in London in the 1960s, who had just moved into a house built in the 1920s, I began talking to my two neighbors, literally over the garden fence. They were both widows in their 80s and we soon wandered into conversations about the role of contraception in their married lives half a century earlier. Looking out on the sexual revolution of the 1960s, they were almost eager to talk about intimate details of their younger lives.

These discussions gave me a tiny glimpse of the richness of oral history....

Population and Climate Change: Empowering 100 Million Women

Malcolm Potts
Alisha Graves

Meeting the world’s need for family planning is a human right and a climate imperative. Wherever women have been given information and access to family planning, birth rates have fallen – even in poor, low-literate societies like Bangladesh or conservative religious countries such as Iran.

Published in The United Nations Climate Change Conference – Cop19 & CMP9 2013; 30-31.

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